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Get Found First Locally with Smart Digital's Local SEO Optimisation Services

In the age of GPS-enabled smartphones with broadband data connections, more searches are being lodged by users in the field and on the go than ever before. This makes it all the more important that search engines localise their search results so that users can easily find information that’s relevant to their location. And if you want your website to stay competitive, it’s equally important to optimise it for local search.

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What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation is a specific type of search engine optimisation concerned with promoting your products and services to local customers precisely when they are searching for a local provider. A sound local SEO strategy uses a range of tactics that are designed to place your products in front of Internet users at times when they are most likely to make a purchase.

At Smart Digital, we use several techniques to enhance our clients’ local SEO standing. Our approach includes on-site optimisation, local citations and online audits to ensure that other sites are listing your organisation’s name, address and phone number correctly.

By incorporating these techniques into a comprehensive SEO strategy, our clients end up ranking well for the top keywords in their niche in regionalised markets where their products are actually being purchased and delivered.

Why Is Local SEO So Important?

There are plenty of reasons to consider improving upon your local SEO strategy. Foremost among these is the fact that Google clearly favours local businesses. The current ranking algorithms employed by the search giantgive precedence to small, localised companies over larger national and multinational corporations.

We should also note that Googlehas conducted significant research into user behaviour related to local search. They found that users conducting a localised search on a smartphone have a 50 per cent chance of visiting a store within the day; the same applies to about a third of computer and tablet users.

In other words, people lodging localised search queries are often ready to make a purchase. If your website is the one they find at this time, then they’re much more likely to make a purchase at your store.