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Social Media Markerting Services by Smart Digital

Social media has been a disruptive force for marketers – levelling the playing field and allowing small businesses to compete more effectively with much larger corporations. But that’s only part of the equation, as social media platforms have also changed the way organisations communicate with their customers.  The team at Smart Digital can work with your organisation to develop a strong social marketing strategy. We’ll help you develop a base of followers and keep them engaged through regular posts and shares. And most importantly, our campaigns are fully managed, meaning your team can focus on other aspects of your operations without distraction.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

When we talk about social media marketing, what we’re really talking about is the process of gaining attention on social media channels with the hopes of boosting conversions, closing sales and driving more traffic to your website. It involves a combination of sponsored (i.e. paid) and organic tactics.

Social media marketing allows you to reach out and engage with more target customers. When social marketing is combined with a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy, even the smallest operations can see major gains in terms of traffic, conversion and customer engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Here a few prominent benefits of a well-calibrated social marketing campaign:

  • Direct Traffic to Your Website
    Linking from social media platforms to your website gives you a chance to direct users to specific landing pages. This makes it easier to collect analytics, and it increases your control over how users access and interact with your website.
  • Enhanced SEO Efforts
    Directing that incoming traffic to specific landing pages also allows you to do more with SEO. Those pages that operate as part of your social marketing campaign will already be optimised with on-page SEO. As more users follow that link to the page, the search engines are going to take note and assign higher rankings accordingly.
  • Higher Conversions
    There are several ways that social marketing can help you achieve more conversions – not least by increasing your business’ exposure. It also provides you with the chance to interact and engage with past, current and future customers. Factor in the sharing culture on social media platforms, and it’s easy to see how social marketing is good for your conversion rate.
  • Focused Targeting Tools
    One of the most attractive benefits of social media marketing is laser-focused targeting tools. Social media platforms allow you to fine-tune your target customer demographics based on the obvious factors – age, gender and location – as well as their professed likes, usage history, network of friends and so much more.

Let Us Tailor a Social Marketing Campaign for You

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for social marketing. Instead, the most effective campaigns are highly customised to accurately represent the brand and to properly appeal to its target customers. The team at Smart Digital offer tailored approaches that operate as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

We’ll populate your social media channels with unique posts, engaging shares and links to fresh content on your website or blog – all with the aim of placing your products and services in front of your target customers. Contact us today to learn more.