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What Is Mobile SEO and How Can Smart Digital's Service Boost Your Site’s Performance?

Mobile SEO is a specialised form of search engine optimisation that is specifically geared toward boosting your website’s visibility on mobile platforms such as smartphones and, in some cases, tablets. A website that has been optimised for mobile search will perform well when people use a mobile device to search for information related to their products or services.

Users interact differently with mobile devices than with desktop computers. When a site has been properly optimised for mobile devices, its content renders well on a mobile screen, and users have no problem clicking, making selections and otherwise interacting with the content.

Today, more people use a mobile device to access the Internet than any other platform. Furthermore, Google has been open about the fact that mobile-friendly sites perform better in search rankings. With these issues in mind, it’s clear that all websites must prioritise mobile optimisation in order to remain competitive.

How to Optimise a Website for Mobile Devices

Mobile optimisation is all about enhancing the user experience with the strengths and limitations of a mobile device in mind. Here are some of the mobile-related factors we’ll look at in the course of a free mobile SEO audit:

  • Page Speed
    This is important on any platform, though it’s worth noting that mobile users are particularly impatient in terms of page load times. A well-optimised site features small images, minimal code running in the background and is otherwise streamlined for quick loading speeds.
  • Program Compatibility
    Smartphones ship with different software packages than desktop computers. For example, few are equipped with Flash, meaning videos and effects must be encoded in a different language in order to be viewed. We’ll see to it that your site is compatible with the leading mobile device software.
  • Optimised Buttons
    Compared to desktop computers, mobile devices have much smaller screens and a less precise pointing interface, as users trade the mouse for their fingers and thumbs. Clicking and interacting with a site is difficult when the buttons are too small or complex.
  • Local Optimisation
    Users make use of mobile devices on the go and in the field. For this reason, a mobile-optimised site will also take localised considerations into account. Smart Digital can assist on both fronts, ensuring your site is mobile-friendly and locally optimised.

These are only a few considerations to take into account for mobile SEO. When you hire Smart Digital to improve your site’s mobile rankings, we’ll develop a comprehensive suite of solutions unique to your website and specific goals.

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Is There a Difference between Mobile and Desktop SEO?

Mobile SEO is really just enhanced desktop SEO. All other variables are the same, a site that has been optimised for mobile usage is going to rank higher in the search results than one that has not. In that sense, mobile SEO is essentially the most up-to-the-minute version of search engine optimisation – one that takes modern-day usage habits into account.

The team at Smart Digital can transform your website into a sleek, mobile-friendly platform that ranks highly in search results and converts site visits into sales, subscriptions and sign-ups. Contact us now to find out more.